Discover Your Ultimate Source for Custom Pallet Racking, Industrial Shelving, Mezzanines, and More!

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Comprehensive Warehouse Solutions

Discover Your Ultimate Source for Custom Pallet Racking, Industrial Shelving, Mezzanines, and More!

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Key Advantages of Matco Warehouse Solutions

Turnkey Process

Streamlined solutions from start to finish, tailored to your needs.

Integrated Support

Seamless assistance throughout every project phase.

Expert Guidance

Insights from industry leaders to optimize your space.

Proven Experience

Decades of success in warehouse optimization.

Customized Services

Solutions designed for your specific requirements.

Product Options

At Matco we offer a wide selection of top-tier warehouse products.

Comprehensive Approach

Crafting tailored, integrated solutions to match unique performance criteria.

Smart Strategies

Innovative solutions for efficient warehouse management.

Matco is an Authorized Distributor of WildDeck®

Wildeck® LogoWildeck® steel mezzanines are the definitive solution for maximizing unused overhead space, enhancing both efficiency and profitability affordably. These industrial platforms allow for the expansion of operational areas—including workspaces, offices, storage, and manufacturing zones—at a significantly lower expense compared to new constructions, often with notable tax depreciation benefits. Wildeck® prioritizes rapid installation to minimize downtime, streamlining the integration with your existing operations.

Comprehensive Features:

  • Precision Manufacturing: Tailored to your specific needs, each platform is built to precise specifications, ensuring quality and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Assembly: Designed for quick setup, these platforms simplify installation processes.
  • Structural Integrity: Constructed from specially engineered steel components that connect easily and form a durable, cohesive structure.
  • Robust Construction: Equipped with heavy-duty 5″ x 5″ x 3/16″ columns and 12″ x 12″ x 3/4″ baseplates as standard, enhancing stability and support without unnecessary bracing.


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