Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are vehicles designed to transport loads between two points independently. They navigate the warehouse freely based on dynamic routes generated by intelligent software. This software optimizes the movements of the AMRs, assigning the perfect route for each task. Through the use of state-of-the-art sensors and scanners, AMRs are capable of identifying and evading obstacles. They can operate safely in collaborative environments alongside other machines as well as people.

Interlake Mecalux’s AMRs are highly versatile devices that integrate seamlessly into all types of warehouses, requiring no modifications to existing infrastructure. The series’ different models make up a versatile set that can handle a wide variety of loads, from boxes, trays, bins, totes, and packages to shelving and pallets. Implementing AMRs expedites and streamlines internal flows of goods in multiple intralogistics operations, boosting warehouse productivity and efficiency.



AMRs navigate freely, orienting themselves by means of virtual maps of their operational environment. They are not confined to predefined paths or closed-loop, delineated navigation circuits.


Their movements adapt to each particular task, and AMRs follow routes generated by navigation software integrated into each robot. This software calculates the most efficient path for their journey. These machines detect and avoid all kinds of obstacles — fixed or moving — readjusting their route in real time.


AMRs operate safely in extremely complex scenarios involving other machines, people, goods, and storage systems. A series of highly accurate collision avoidance sensors and scanners make all AMR movements stable and reliable.


AMRs adapt perfectly to the warehouse layout without requiring structural modifications, making for a fast and easy implementation.


The fleet can be expanded simply by adding new robots to accommodate a company’s operational growth or seasonal demand peaks.


Fleet management software oversees robot traffic and anticipates routes to assign each task to the ideal AMR.


These machines execute their tasks with the highest precision, significantly reducing errors and boosting warehouse efficiency.

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