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Transform Your Warehouse with MatcoDist's Expert Consult & Design

Distribution & Warehouse automation is a critical aspect of material handling modern supply chain management. It involves integrating technology and processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall operations. Here is some information, resources and consulting services related to manufacturing, distribution & warehouse automation:

Why Choose Matco Material Handling Solutions?

  • Expert Consultation: Comprehensive site assessments and needs analysis.
  • Innovative Design: Advanced 3D CAD models and customized solutions.
  • Seamless Implementation: Full support during installation and beyond.

Start transforming your warehouse today with MatcoDist.

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Warehouse Automation, Design, and Operations

Assess the costs, benefits, and risks of racking & automation, advise on design, sourcing products, and manage project implementation.

Worker Shortages

To meet production and fulfilment schedules due to worker shortages, manufacturers and distributors are turning to racking, carts, automated systems, and robotics.


Evaluate the way businesses operate. Access material handling equipment, comparing costs, and selecting products specific to the application requirements.


Conveyors and other solutions can be swiftly deployed to keep up with the pace of distribution & e-commerce

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Emphasize the importance of automation for sustainable growth. Distribution, warehouses, and manufacturing are increasingly adopting these technologies to eliminate nonproductive forklift and walking time in facilities. The warehouse-automation market is projected to reach $51 billion by 2030.

Industrial Racking Systems

Industrial racking systems offer numerous benefits for warehouses and distribution centers.

Benefits of Industrial Racking Systems

Maximized Storage Capacity: Engineered to optimize vertical space, allowing warehouses to store more goods within the same footprint.

Improved Organization: Systematic approach to inventory storage and retrieval using upright frames, beams, and shelves, making inventory management efficient.

Enhanced Safety: Securely holds goods and includes safety features like beam locks and load capacity labels, reducing the risk of accidents.

Increased Efficiency: Ensures quick access to stored items, minimizing downtime and improving workflow.

Cost Savings: Efficient space utilization avoids the need for additional warehouse space and reduces operational expenses.

Flexibility: Customizable to accommodate various types of goods, from small items to large machinery.

Optimized Workflow: Well-organized storage facilitates smoother material handling and order fulfillment, boosting productivity.

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