AS/RS Trilateral Stacker Crane

Pallet Load


Pallet Load automated warehouses maximize available space in existing structures and minimize storage space by up to 40 percent as compared to traditional storage solutions.

Stacker cranes designed to work in narrow aisles nearly 100 feet off the ground, provide high density storage and automated operation.

The Pallet AS/RS is designed to provide versatility and control for any warehouse design. Fully compatible with any size pallet, the unit load racks can be single-depth or double-depth to maximize capacity.

Customize the system for the application and storage requirements of each project.


The Mini Load automated warehouse for boxes is an extremely dense storage system designed to move at high speeds for increased productivity in a compact footprint. Utilizing stacker cranes, the mini load system has a standard horizontal speed of 590 feet per minute and a standard vertical lifting speed of 328 feet per minute which improves picking times and operator efficiency.

The mini load system is primarily used for the storage, movement and order fulfillment of small or irregular goods in boxes. In addition to providing the optimum method for handling pick boxes, it is also designed with the basic ergonomic and safety equipment need to perform work and maintenance operations as simply as possible.

Whether selecting the automated warehouse IN-A-BOX or fully customizing a product for specific storage needs, the Mini Load AS/RS has the versatility and functionality desired in an automated warehouse. With three operating modes, fully automated, semi-automated, or manual, and a warehouse management software designed to be user-friendly, training on the system is simple. Although plastic boxes (totes) are used most often, the system is compatible with metal containers, plastic trays, collapsible totes or cardboard cases/boxes.



Productivity and availability
Labor cost savings
Lower maintenance costs
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