Bin Shelving

Matco’s long and rich history has allowed us to build lasting and strong bonds as certified distributors for some of the most important manufacturers within the warehouse solutions space.

One of these is Borroughs. It is with a sense of pride that all of Borroughs products have always been and continue to be made in the USA.

Bin Shelving 1

Industries Matco specializes in:

Distribution Centers / Manufacturing Facilities

Matco will consult, design and install Customized Borroughs storage solutions for your distribution centersand Manufaturing floor designed to meet your specific requirements, offering versatile shelving systems. These shelving options include Box Edge Plus Shelving, Rivet-Span Boltless Shelving, High-Density Drawers in Shelving, Flexi-Bins storage, and Modular Drawer Cabinet storage. To address challenging or specialized items, bulk storage solutions like Rivet-Span Boltless shelving are indispensable. Additionally, Borroughs storage solutions offer vertical storage alternatives, Modular Drawer Cabinets, High-Density Drawers in Cabinets, and multi-tier storage systems optimize vertical space utilization, thereby enhancing overall facility functionality.

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