Push Back Racking Systems

Innovating Storage with Push Back Racking Systems

Push Back Racking Systems redefine storage efficiency, tailored for high-density, multi-product stocking. These systems shine by marrying exceptional selectivity with virtually maintenance-free operations. At their core, nesting carriages allow for the deep storage of up to five pallets in a single movement. This design facilitates impressively high pick-flows from every lane entrance along the work aisle, streamlining access and operations.

The operation is seamless: each new pallet loaded onto the carriage is gently pushed back into the lane by the addition of subsequent pallets. During unloading, gravity naturally advances the pallets to the aisle via telescopic carriages, eliminating the need for reaching into the rack or maneuvering equipment within its confines.

Core Advantages:

Specially designed for cleanliness and minimal debris accumulation, the structural cart of the Push Back Racking System is particularly suitable for food-related applications. Flexibility in configuration is a given, with multiple accessory options and layouts available to cater to specific warehouse capacities, inventory types and sizes, pallet models and dimensions, as well as to adapt seamlessly to the customer’s existing operational systems.

Push Back Racks stand out for their adaptability and storage capabilities, making them a go-to solution for businesses embracing any model, from multi-channel to omnichannel approaches and beyond.

Storage by accumulation that allows up to 4 pallets per level to be stored.
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