26" Right, End of Aisle Rack Protector

Pallet Rack Safety
Manufacturer: WilDeck
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26" Right Side

The Wil-Guard end-of-aisle protectors provide rack protection for the upright frames at the end of rack rows, where they are most susceptible to lift truck damage. By using a combination of floor-anchored, wrap-around column protectors on the front of uprights and end-of-aisle protectors, you can reduce costly forklift damage to your rack system.

Experienced warehouse managers have learned that the initial investment in pallet rack protection will pay off many times over in the reduction of rack damage. The cost of replacing just 1 damaged upright will justify the initial cost when you figure in the overtime pay to have the racks unloaded, disassembled, replaced and reloaded. You cannot afford not to have end of aisle protectors on your pallet racks.