Products tagged with 'Folding cart'

120 Gallon Folding 5 Shelf Milk Bossy


Great For Gallon Jugs of Water, Milk or Juice

240 Dozen Egg Display and Distribution Cart


3-Shelf Folding Cart for Display or Transportation

3 Wheel Ice or Ice Cream Distribution Cart


Perfect for Ice, Ice Cream, Newsprint, and Many Other Uses

360 Dozen Egg Display or Distribution Cart


Folding Cart With Zinc Plated Shelves

360 Dozen Egg Display or Distribution Cart - Stainless Steel


Folding Cart With Stainless Steel Shelves

3-Shelf Folding Cart Distribution Beverage Cart


Unique Material Handling Cart, Serves Many Purposes

80 Gal Folding 5 Shelf Display Cart Milk Bossy


Economical Folding Milk Cart

80 Gallon Folding 5 Shelf Display Milk Bossy - Stainless Steel


High Quality Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Milk Cart